Sterling Collection

In the late 1960s an 8-year-old boy, Stephen Eyre, read his first superhero comic and was smitten.

Over the last 50 years, his passion for all things superhero and his success as an entrepreneur have enabled him to build up the largest collection of Superhero Memorabilia in Europe.

Consisting of vintage comics, original art, unique commissioned statues and signed memorabilia, the collection contains items from the dawn of comics in the late 1930s to pieces created by artists this year during the lockdown.

Stephen has decided, much to his wife’s, his housekeepers and his insurance company’s relief, that the time has come to sell a large part of the collection that has given him so much joy for so long.

“It’s been a true labour of love building this collection,” he said philosophically, “but it’s time to let it go. I’ll save a few of my very favourite pieces to enjoy in my dotage and a few more to leave to my kids and grandkids but the rest I hope will find a good home.“

Wold of Superheroes is delighted to announce that Stephen has agreed to market and sell the collection exclusively through our online store.

Each item will be identified at the point of sale as being part of the Sterling Collection and each piece will be accompanied by a certificate of authentication signed by Stephen.

A percentage of the proceeds from each sale will go to support Stephens philanthropic efforts in the community.

Own a part of Superhero History!