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With over one hundred years of combined experience in the superhero/sci-fi business, our team of experts and researchers are in a unique position to offer our customers this exclusive and complimentary service.

Golden Age and now even Silver Age Comics regularly sell for over a million pounds. Single pages of original comic art sell for hundreds of thousands and early superhero and Star Wars collectibles can be valuable enough to pay off a mortgage.

Send us the details of your vintage comic books, artwork, collectables and memorabilia and, based on our experience, our expertise and the latest markets, we will do our best to tell you what it’s worth for your information and for your insurance.

We will advise you of the best places to sell or, who knows, we may even buy it ourselves.


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We regularly advise Auction Houses, Investment companies, museums and galleries on the value of superhero/sci-fi memorabilia and also work with Prestige Pawn, from the Channel 4 series Posh Pawn, giving their customers the most accurate valuations.