Grail Comic Alert! Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 3.0

Posted by Holly Clarkson

There are key comics and then there are Grail Comics, Amazing Fantasy #15 along with DC's Action Comics #1 fit in that very small category of comics. 

We are hard core geeks and collectors at heart and it saddens us to put this gorgeous slab out into the universe but when trading comics is your business we wouldn't have any money if we buy without selling. We made the hard decision to put our Amazing Fantasy #15 Vol 1. with a CGC grade of 3.0 available to buy in our store and ebay store Worldofsuperheroes_Vault.

This key issue encloses the 1st appearance of Spider-Man in a Marvel comic and was first published in 1962. Marvel legends Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko collaborated on this cover, creating the first silver age Marvel comic and it is probably the most iconic image in Marvel Comics' history. We see Peter Parker fighting bad guys and saving the day as the friendly neighbour Spider-Man long before the multi-verse, symbiotes and Civil Wars which Spider-Man has inspired and joined together with his fellow Marvel heroes over the years.

Despite the low grade, this grail issue is priced at a whooping £44,000.00 or $55,237.60 due to its rarity. Feel free to email us at for anymore info or if you'd understandably like to see before you buy we'd happily show you the comic in person at our HQ.