Early X-Men!

Early X-Men!

X-Men are due to make a reappearance and revamp with the help of Deadpool's third movie on the big screen but the original comics are going up in demand!

Luckily, we have managed to get our hands on an X-Men run of raw comics including #1- #100 but we will only be adding the ones with value for our customers and are currently waiting on some comics returning from there press and clean. 

Our loyal followers must have been keeping their eyes peeled as we have Sold a handful already including X-Men #2, X-Men #4, X-Men #12, X-Men #17 and X-Men #95. There are still plenty of 1st appearance comics due to X-Men introducing a lot of characters in the Marvel Comic Universe. 

Here's a few we have added but we are still working through them and adding new comics every week at the minute!

X-Men #5 1964 FR/GD Pence Copy **Cover almost detached**

X-Men #7 1964 GD+ Blob Appearance Pence Copy

X-Men #9 1965 GD 1st Meet Avengers 1st Appearance Lucifer Cent Copy Pence Stamp

Message the team if you're looking for a specific issue at hero@worldofsuperheroes.com