Batman's of the Past

Batman's of the Past

The Batman was released over the weekend and there has been mixed reviews by fans on the latest Batman movie. 

We have mixed views at our own HQ about the latest DC inspired movie. Some have enjoyed the dark and gritty story of the early Bruce Wayne wanting to protect his city from crime others aren't so keen on the way Batman was portrayed along with the over all feel of the movie. Even our CEO had to chip in with his view:

Dark, miserable, joyless and overlong, apart from that THE BATMAN was ok.
I don’t get this flight to reality. Why should Batman be grounded in reality and why make a Batman film that kids can’t, and to be honest, wouldn’t want to see.
Superhero films are supposed to be entertaining and enjoyable with a clear moral message, this new take on the Dark Knight is none of those things.
Warner Bros/ DC have clearly given up the Ghost on creating a cohesive movieverse of family entertainment to rival Marvel, instead they have settled for reimagining one of the classic superheroes who bears no resemblance to the comic book character of any age. Pattinson has neither the physique, the charisma or the gravitas to portray Batman and the two iconic villains, Penguin and Riddler are almost anonymous and don’t get me started on the Batmobile.
Even the score was dire and repetitive. Give John Williams a call next time.
I struggle to find any redeeming features in this dour film but if pushed, I thought Catwoman was the highlight and at least we didn’t have to sit through another origin story.

We love all things nostalgia and have an age range from 20s to 60s so perspectives and appreciation for Batman movies of the past vary. We all have our favourite style of Batman and that's reflected in our own stock in store. We have products for sale from Adam West's Batman up until Batfleck. So if you are a fan of any of the previous Batman movies check out our stock which includes signed photos, posters and art prints.

Adam West

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Michael Keaton 

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Christian Bale

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