Box Canvases Perfect for Home Decor

Posted by Holly Clarkson

Everyone is getting their DIY and spring cleaning on this year with the world trying to return to normal after the pandemic getting their homes and gardens ready for visitors. Here at World of Superheroes we have the perfect thing for any hardcore Superhero fans who fancy adding something unique to their living room, kids rooms, office, heck any room you want. 

Our Stan Lee signed large Boxed canvases are perfect for the ultimate fan, with images from old and new comics. Each canvas is signed by the late Stan Lee who wrote and created most of the comics. For more info and prices of each canvas please click on the links in the description. 

Here are a handful of our favourite canvases but you can check out all our Boxed Canvases to find the perfect wall art for your space.

Stan Lee Signed: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Spider-Man Meets The Fantastic Four! Box Canvas Framed 

Stan Lee Signed: The Amazing Spider-man #100 Box Canvas Framed

Stan Lee Signed: The Avengers #1 Earths Mightiest Super-Heroes! Box Canvas Framed

Stan Lee Signed: Captain America #193 Madbomb Box Canvas Framed

Stan Lee Signed: The Invincible Ironman #421 The Best Defense Box Canvas Framed

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