Classic Amazing Spider-Man Covers Added In store!

Classic Amazing Spider-Man Covers Added In store!

We know how much you love it when we have some new Amazing Spider-Man issues in and we have added some classic covers this week as graded and raw from the silver and bronze age.

The two issues below are part of an interesting story arc! The 3-part drug abuse story arc in ASM #96-98 is the first comic book storyline from a major publisher to be distributed without the approval of the Comics Code Authority. Here's issue 96 and 98, does anybody have 97 to complete the set? 🤔

Amazing Spider-Man #96 1971 6.5
-CGC Drug Story not approved by CCA-

Amazing Spider-Man #98 VF- 7.5 CGC Cream/Off White Pages Gil Kane 1971
-Drug Story not approved by the CCA-

Amazing Spider-Man #65 1968 FN- Cent Copy **1 Rusted Staple, 1 slightly rusted**

Amazing Spider-Man #68 1968 VG Cent Copy Pence Stamp

Amazing Spider-Man #75 1969 VG/FN Pence Copy

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