Darren Rix: Get him back on the road again!

Darren Rix: Get him back on the road again!

A well known face from the UK comic convention scene needs your help.  

Those who have met Darren Rix won’t forget him. A gentle giant in every sense is of the word. For the last 30 years the 6’7” man mountain has graced the halls of Comic Book Conventions and Memorabilia Events in the UK showcasing his handmade, hand-painted models, statues and busts from the world of movies, sci-fi and TV.

Last March, Darren was struck down with Sepsis and the only way to save his life was the amputation of both his legs. After the operation, he suffered a heart attack and kidney failure. Against all odds, the big man battled through and is still with us today looking forward with his characteristic hope, enthusiasm and positivity. The problem is he is now housebound, with the NHS unable to offer him suitable transport to enable him to regain a semblance of his former life.

We are determined to remedy this and to reignite his lifelong passion for motorbikes, trikes and the open road, by purchasing a modified disability trike from The Trike Guys which will afford Darren the freedom to rebuild his life. 

Once the funds have been raised, World of Superheroes have pledged to cover the running costs including insurance, maintenance, tax and fuel going forward.

How can you help?

We have helped Darren set up a GoFundMe page to raise the money to pay for the specially modified trike. If you wish, you can donate using the button below, plus throughout February, we'll donate 5% of all profits on our store to Darren's GoFundMe page so just by making a purchase you'll be helping us to help a good man get back on the road again.