Do You Know About our Ebay Store?

Do You Know About our Ebay Store?

Here at World of Superheroes we are a mutlicompany work force. As well as our sister company Collectorium which sells everything memorabilia including posters, signed by collectables, art sketches and literature we have our own ebay store which gives customers a chance to make offers on our stock or buy out right. 

Our Ebay store has sold over 800 products so far and we have over 1000 products in stock with new items been added each week which includes:

- Original and pre-owned posters from every decade going back to the 60's from music, movie and TV.

- Comics. Raw and CGC graded from Marvel, DC and more!

- T-shirts from Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Game of Thrones and more!

- Art Sketches.

- Signed Memorabilia with some exclusively framed products and comics for World of Superheroes.

- Statues. big and small from comics, movies and games.

Check out all our stock in our Ebay store Worldofsuperheroes_Vault