The Four New Marvel Series's Releasing on Disney+  in 2021

The Four New Marvel Series's Releasing on Disney+ in 2021

Marvel has released news of their up-coming series's going to be available to stream on Disney+. I am very excited for all of these but I am most excited to see Tom Hiddleston return as Loki. 

Wanda Vision was due to air on Disney+ this December however it was delayed and will be available from January 15th instead. The series will follow Avengers Vision and Wanda in a world created in Scarlet Witch's mind where Vision is still alive and they live in a picture perfect family which will go through different decades and will alternate between reality and Wanda's mind.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will star Sebastian Stan as Bucky and Anthony Mackie returning as Falcon who was gifted with Captain America's shield at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Not much is known about the series but we know that Emily Van Camp will return as Sharon. The series is due to be available on Disney+ from March 19th 2021.

Loki will carry on after the events of Avengers: Endgame which changed the future for Loki when the Avengers travelled back in time and Loki got his hands on the Tesseract and disappeared during the events of Avengers Assemble. This series will follow Loki through the mischief he get's up to during the time scale that previous took place through Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Infinity War which means Loki wasn't killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. It's all a bit confusing really if you haven't followed the Marvel Universe. Due to be release on Disney+ May 2021.

What If...? series will also go down the route of alternative universes which will rewrite some of Marvel's most famous moments, changing them, revealing what would happen if the Marvel Universe happened differently. It’s been confirmed that the first story will show what would have happened if Peggy Carter had taken the Super Soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers. The series will bring back actors and characters from the Marvel Universe due to be released Summer 2021.

Ms. Marvel is due out Late 2021. TV series based on the Marvel Comics superhero Ms. Marvel, also known as Kamala Khan. The character is a teenage Pakistani American with shapeshifting abilities who eventually discovers that she is an Inhuman. 

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