Everybody Loved the Treasury Editions!

Everybody Loved the Treasury Editions!

In our 'literature' collection, we have added some treasury editions. 

DC and Marvel first started selling treasury editions in the 1970's and usually contained stories that had previously been published although occasionally readers would be treated to a new story. 

The issues were larger than life, sized 10"x14", which were much bigger than the usual raw comics available. The bigger issues meant readers could see their favourite characters and stories in greater detail. Many of the issues spotlighted special crossovers, team-ups or included celebrity's and special holidays such as the favourite Christmas specials.

We have added some of the best treasury editions from Marvel and DC including titles such as Conan the Barbarian, DC's Superman vs Muhammed Ali, Spider-man Vs The HULK at the Winter Olympics, Superman vs the Amazing Spider-Man.

Here are a few below that have just been added but they are selling fast. MORE are coming so keep checking the store daily...!

Superman vs the Amazing Spider-Man 1976 FN Treasury Edition

Conan The Barbarian Marvel Treasury Edition #15 1977 VF Pence Copy

Spider-Man vs The Hulk Winter Olympics Marvel Treasury Edition #25 1980 VF+

The Hulk on the Rampage Marvel Treasury Edition #5 1975 VF+ Pence Copy

DC Treasury Collectors Edition Superman vs Muhammad Ali VG/FN 1978

The Fabulous Fantastic Four Marvel Treasury Edition #2 1974 FN Pence Copy

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