Fantastic Four #10 Includes the First Ever Stan Lee Cameo

Posted by Holly Clarkson

For most Marvel movie goers the highlight of the movie is the Stan Lee cameo but a lot of fans don't realise that he has been doing cameos for years in comics since the early 1960's.

Fantastic Four #10 which was first published in 1962 features a role swap as Doctor Doom joins the Fantastic Four while Mr. Fantastic becomes the villain. The reason it's so special to us is that it is the first ever appearance of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in a comic book. 

He has also starred in other stories such as The Fantastic Four Annual #3 with Jack Kirby as themselves working trying to come up with a new villain, Marvel Team-Up #74 as the host of Saturday Night Live! and Captain America #600 as a veteran who bought Captain America memorabilia after the hero was killed in Marvel's first Superhero Civil War. 

We recently sold our VG- copy but watch this space, with an issue that special we're bound to find another one for our fans.