Goodbye to One of the Greats, John Romita Sr.

Goodbye to One of the Greats, John Romita Sr.

John Romita has been a part of the heart and soul of Marvel Comics since 1965 when he joined and initially drew Daredevil comics. 

After proving his skill and zest for story telling he soon took over the Amazing Spider-Man series when previous artist Steve Dikto left in 1966. Most of the well loved iconic spider-man imagery has come from his imagination, especially when it came to Spidey's love interests. He brought the characters to life with his romantic style which helped the series become their top-seller. 

He was soon promoted to Marvel's art Director and influenced Marvel Comics through the 70s and 80s and helped design and create the iconic characters we love today including Wolverine, Punisher, Bullseye, Luke Cage, Tigra and Brother Voodoo. Inspired by his Father's work his son John Romita Jr. became an artist for Marvel who is also known for his Spider-Man and Daredevil artwork but also Iron Man and the Uncanny X-Men.

We are so lucky to have in our archive, some Specially Limited Series comics signed and remarked by Romita himself which come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Dynamic Forces Inc. We also have many of the comics, raw and slabbed, he influenced and pencilled including the Amazing Spider-Man. 

Thank you so much for your amazing influence and helping to create some of the most well-loved characters in comic book history!

Rest in Peace Bub!