How much is this Restored Superman #1 Worth?

How much is this Restored Superman #1 Worth?

We have recently acquired a Superman #1 with a CGC restored grade 6.0.

First issues are our favourite key issues and we were very excited to gain this gem from another trader. To carry on after our Top 5 Superman memorabilia we thought we'd share our newest DC addition to our collection. This Golden Age issue, first published in 1939 reveals the origin of Superman's story. 

A recently sold Superman #1 CGC 4.0 went for $815,000.00 at auction. 

So If this is worth $815,000.00, how much is this worth, consigned to us for sale this week.

Traditionally on classic key books we would expect a restored copy to be worth around 35% of a raw book. Is this a £300,000 comic book or is our thinking flawed? Let us have your thoughts.

NOT for sale yet but if you're interested, please email our team at