Horror Comics For Halloween

Horror Comics For Halloween

It's that time of year again when the dark, gruesome, sexy and bizarre comics crawl out from under the bed.

Horror storylines definitely have a huge following around the world and TV and movies have a lot to answer for when it comes to people being obsessed with gore and the darker side of our imaginations. Many comics and novels have been represented on screen but nothing compares to the original concepts by the very talented writers and illustrators who bring their characters and storylines to life. 

We have a handful of horror comics available to buy this halloween season.
Check out our favourites below. 

What if? Stories Kickstarter Graphic Novels #1-3
Signed Matt Stapleton


Leatherface #1 1991 Northstar Comics
By Dave Dorman, Castle, Schow, Jarvinen NM

Lady Death in Lingerie #1 Chaos! Comics 1995 NM 1st Print

Vampirella #10 limited edition Harris Comics 2002 VF/NM

Vampirella vs NYX comic book Foil variant Raw Comic

The Walking Dead #6 1st print VF/NM Raw Comic