Our Favourite Heroes for International Women's Day

Our Favourite Heroes for International Women's Day

From Wonder Woman to Scarlett Witch to Princess Leia, Woman in Comics and Sci-Fi culture have shaped some of the most loved storylines in history.

In comics and on screen, Women have been portrayed as strong, intelligent and beautiful, giving young readers and viewers something to aspire to and respect, this International Women's Day I have chosen some of my favourite pieces from our site which celebrate and are a perfect example of how Woman have shaped the modern world.

Star Wars: A Spirited Slave by Robert Bailey - A stunning sketch of a scene that proved Leia's strength and determination, when she stood up to Jabba the Hutt the alien who imprisoned her. 

Wonder Woman #58 Slabbed CBCS 1.5 - One of the vintage Wonder Woman Comics where her Magic Bracelet's stop working against her enemies, showing that all heroes fall and learn to deal with the ups and downs of life despite their powers or how strong they are. 

Black Widow Original Art Framed by Becky Knapp - A stunning original sketch of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow from Marvel's Avengers Assemble. The film when we first saw how intelligent, deadly and strong she is alongside her other super strong team members. 

Jean Grey is Phoenix Canvas By MUTE - A stunning canvas print of the most powerful Mutant in the Marvel Universe, of actress Famke Janssen from the Noughties X-Men moves combined with an image from the comics.  

These are my personal favourites but check out all our other products which celebrate the Woman of Sci-fi.