Keep Your Superheroes Entertained This Summer - Outdoor Obstacle Course

Posted by Holly Clarkson

The summer holidays are upon us and parents often dread this time of year as kids have weeks of no school but have no fear!

I've had a quick search and found some ideas to keep your kiddos busy during this tiresome time. Each week I will post an idea to have ago at which may pass a bit of time on those days you stay at home. 

Week 1 - Outdoor Obstacle Course
People like to fill the days during the holidays going out but it can be expensive and some days you need to stay at home for one reason or another. Making fun outside if you have a bit of a garden can be easier than you think. It encourages kids to have some control, exercise, improve co-ordination and be creative with their own ideas.

- String or ribbon for Spider-Man webs. 
- Before you recycle those cardboard boxes paint, build and destroy them as good guys or bad guys!
- Tunnels or pool noodles are a great one to add to an obstacle course.
- Cones or homemade obstacles are great for racers or obstacles just running or with footballs or bikes and scooters.

Just some examples but try and be creative and create your own ideas. Check out next weeks idea to keep you going!

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