Keep Your Superheroes Entertained this Summer - Surprise Venom Cupcakes

Posted by Holly Clarkson

Some days it's too hot to be out in the sun or you could have a full week of thunderstorms and kids often want to get messy and demand constant sweet treats. These Venom Cupcakes look perfect for young children to have a go at! They are meant to be messy unlike a lot of the perfect cakes online. And they will love surprising their family and friends with them!

The cupcakes which I've found on Pinterest shows a very simple way to make a unique Venom style cupcake using a basic chocolate cupcake recipe, red M&Ms, Black icing and white buttons. 

I will definitely be making these with my kids over the holidays to get excited for the Venom: Let there Be Carnage release in September. Or you could even make carnage ones with red icing!

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