Love is in Comics This Valentines

Love is in Comics This Valentines

It's that time of year again when everyone has a mad dash to the shops for chocolates and flowers to give to their loved one. Love in comics has been as present as any emotion, the feeling that can bring weakness, jealousy but also selflessness and compassion which is the striving force behind most heroes. 

We have a handful of loved up comics which show off the obsessive side and vulnerable side to the characters in the stories. We also have a gorgeous sketch by art legend Robert Bailey showing one of the most loved up scenes on screen, when Superman confides in Lois during the 1978 Superman movie. 

Batman Adventures - Mad Love first print 1994 FN DC

Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol. 1 #21 CGC 9.8 Slabbed Comic. 1987 Cent copy Marvel
Peter Parker weds Mary Jane Watson

DC Super-Stars Vol 1. #17 CGC 9.0 Slabbed Comic. 1977 Cent copy
Marriage of Earth II Batman & Catwoman.

Superman: Lois and Superman Confide by Robert Bailey
Not a comic but full of love none the less.