Marvel AAFES Coins aka 'POGS'

Posted by Holly Clarkson

We have three very unique pieces of Marvel history given to us by our good friend Jason who served in Afganistan. 

Most people won't know about these special 'POGS' and their worth. The coins shown is actually money, just like ordinary nickels, dimes and quarters in America. But, unlike regular coins in America, they are not legal tender. Printing currency is against the law so the AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Services, the WalMart for the military) at the direction of the Department of Defense created these as "gift certificates" for use by service members participating in Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and ISAF (Afghanistan). They are commonly referred to as POGS with them being similar to the popular 90's cardboard collectibles and the reason they are given to service members is basically because change would be too heavy to transport.

These special POGS are not for sale but we thought we'd share them with you. They will be kept safe here at the World of Superheroes HQ.