Megabox's In our Next Whatnot Wed 7th!

Megabox's In our Next Whatnot Wed 7th!

We're getting ready for our next whatnot!

Tune in to our next Whatnot live stream on Wednesday 7th Feb at 4.30pm. This time we're offering boxes of comics rather than individual comics. The boxes will contain around 130 comics from silver to modern age all starting at just £50!

If you join the live stream you will automatically be entered in our freebie megabox giveaway!!!!! 

Perfect for resellers or to boost your own collection!

Make sure you follow our whatnot page: @worldofsuperheroes

Here's a sneak peek of some of our boxes inc the freebie!


(Megamix Box 8 has the famous Batman slap in World's Finest #153!!!)

Megamix Freebie


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---> @worldofsuperheroes