Mighty Marvel First Issues

Mighty Marvel First Issues

There’s something about the first issue of any comic book. In the pantheon of collecting, #1 means something, even if it’s not the origin or first appearance of a character, it still feels special.

Having them slabbed and in high grade makes them more special.

We have some #1 slabbed comics from some of Marvels most famous and beloved characters in our store. Here are a handful of our personal favourites but quick they will be gone soon!

Ghost Rider #1
CGC 9.2 Slabbed Comic. 1973 Cent copy

Black Panther #1
CGC 8.5 Slabbed Comic. 1977 Cent copy

Incredible Hulk Annual #1
CGC 8.0 Slabbed Comic. 1968 Cent copy
Sub-Mariner #1
CGC 9.4 Slabbed Comic. 1968 Cent copy


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