Moon Knight Takes the Spotlight

Moon Knight Takes the Spotlight

Moon Knight aired its first episode last week on Disney+ and has been a smash with fans. 

After binge watching the Hawkeye series a month after Christmas I had lowered my expectation for Moon Knight, not that it was bad but it just felt like there was little Hawkeye in it, similar to how Loki was all about bringing in a new character where as fans want to watch whats in the title. 

Anywho, after watching the first episode I am hooked, some people love to binge watch but the way Disney+ release an episode each week takes me back to being young, having to wait for an episode and talking for a full week about one scene and the excitement of what was to come next. 

In sci-fi perfection the storyline throws you into culture and despite a bit of over acting from the supporting actors the characters throw you into the confusing world of Steven Grant, a docile but honest museum worker. Trying not to spoil it for anyone but we've yet to have a proper look at all of Moon Knights alter egos but Oscar Issac's performance has won fans over.

Personally I don't have a full in-depth history of the character but the daftness of some scenes was true to Marvel and as a whole, I think, has introduced the new character to fans well. To top it of Khonshu, the voice in his head was the silky smooth voice of award winning Director and Cinematographer Karim-El Hakim. 

We currently only have a raw Moon Knight #1 2016 for sale but we have a new batch of comics coming back and one is said to be a high grade Werewolf by Night #32 which any collector will know is the first appearance of Moon Knight.

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