Upcoming Sought Out First Appearance Comics!

Upcoming Sought Out First Appearance Comics!

As most collectors know, comics go up in value when new characters are due to be introduced or there is excitement around their return, luckily we have some!

Many marvel fans have been, to put politely, slightly disappointed with the movies marvel have released in the last 5 years or so but the next 12 months are looking promising!

The two most anticipated movies coming up are Deadpool 3 and Kraven, in my opinion anyway. We are very lucky to have in our collection a few comics that are sure to increase in popularity and value and I'll tell you why!

Amazing Spider-Man #15 1964 0.5 Poor
1st Appearance of Kraven the Hunter Cent Copy

Marvel do love their anti-heroes and the trailer starring Aaron-Taylor Johnson taking on the role of one the first and until recently un-seen on the big screen villains. It's dark, funny vibe mimics Deadpools charm that won us over back in 2016.


Incredible Hulk #181 1974 CGC 8.5 OW/W pages
First Full Appearance of Wolverine

Talking of Deadpool, I don't need to say anymore about this comic than Hugh Jackman!

Daredevil #168 1981 CGC 8.5
Origin & 1st Appearance of Elektra

Wolverine isn't the only one said to be returning on screen, Elektra is said to make a reappearance in the trilogy. So here's her origin and first appearance. 

Amazing Spider-Man #210 1980 VF+
1st Madam Web

Madame Web is due to be released next year and we're assuming that she will help open up the multiverse for Spider-Man and introduce many more characters! 

Amazing Spider-Man #194 1979 7.5 CGC White Pages
1st Appearance of Black Cat

There are rumours that Black Cat would make an appearance in a Spider-man movie soon and I hope to god that they do because she is the sexiest female character in the Marvel Universe and was who I loved in a storyline as a young female reader especially in the Ultimate Spider-Man series in the noughties!