ebay Mystery Boxes!

ebay Mystery Boxes!

Thanks to a huge influx of comic collections finding their way into our already overflowing warehouse, we have decide to offer mystery boxes of comics.

We'll pick 10 comics at random from our 100,00+ comic book stock and send them your way for just £11.99 + postage. These would make a great gift for someone who's just starting collecting, a way to get kids reading comics without sacrificing any from your collection or maybe just a treat for yourself to see what you might get!

They are available on our eBay store, and we have Marvel, DC and independent publishers to choose from.This is a buy it now for 10x random DC comics, (we also have listings for Marvel comics and independent comics) picked from our huge stock of comics. We have over 100,000 comics in stock ranging from the 1970s to now although most are copper and modern age.

Many boxes are largely unsorted so we cannot guarantee any specific comics or titles in the lots, but for example, they could include Superman, Batman, Suicide Squad, Flash, Catwoman and other major titles as well as lesser known titles - the images provided will give you an idea of the amount of stock and comics in the lots (the two lots of 10 comics were pulled at random).

Check out our current mystery boxes ready to go: ebay Mystery Boxes