New Comic Collection Ready for Spring

New Comic Collection Ready for Spring

Our new collection has finally been looked through, sorted, put in order etc and we have picked out some really gorgeous high grade slabbed comics most worth under £500.00.

We have an impressive new listing of Early Avengers comics including Avengers Vol 1 #2 with the first appearance of 1st Space Phantom. Our new collection has issues varying in price from £100.00 to £1,950.00. We know many people are struggling with the recent cost for fuel and the energy price cap rising so people aren't spending and investing as freely as before. Get in touch with us, we are happy to negotiate and can discuss a payment plan if there is a comic you are particularly interested in. We also buy comics from collectors as well for anyone wanting to sell. Message our team at

Daredevil #168 CGC 8.5 Slabbed Comic. 1981 Pence Copy
Origin & 1st Appearance of Elektra

Avengers #16 Vol 1 CGC 6.0 Slabbed Comic. 1965 Pence Copy
Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver join the Avengers. Sub-Mariner cameo.


Avengers #6 Vol 1 CGC 5.5 Slabbed Comic. 1964 Pence Copy
1st appearance of Baron Zemo and his masters of evil. Paste-Pot Pete cameo

Avengers Vol 1. #3 CGC 8.5 Slabbed Comic. 1964 Cent copy
1st Hulk/Sub-Mariner Team-up

Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 #4 CGC 5.5 Slabbed Comic. 1962 Pence copy
Origin of Hulk Retold

Avengers Vol 1. #2 CGC 7.0 Slabbed Comic. 1963 Pence copy
1st Space Phantom

Spider-Man Vol 5. #49 Legacy #850 CBCS 9.8
Signed by Greg Horn Variant Edition

Fantastic Four #14 Vol 1 CGC 5.5 Slabbed Comic. 1963 Pence Copy
1st Appearance of Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida)