New Raws Added! plus Part 3 Video from our Latest Collection

Posted by Holly Clarkson

We're finally getting round to listing some comics from our latest collection!

The videos via our youtube show what the team are getting up to regarding our latest collection. Each day we are ploughing through the boxes and picking out the best comics to share to our followers and customers! 

Our part 3 video above shows off some of our latest findings include:

-Batman's Detective Comics #475 - First Joker laughing Fish (Classic cover)

-Fantastic Four #67 -1st Appearance of Him!

-Flash #139 - First Appearance of Reverse Flash

-Daredevil #131 - First Appearance of Bullseye

-V For Vendetta #1-10

-Mighty World of Marvel #196-199 - 1st Appearance of Wolverine in British reprint!

-Worlds Finest #153 - Contains original Image of Famous Batman/ Robin slap meme!

All of these and more are now available via our eBay, currently not listed on! They are selling fast so be sure to check our Worldofsuperheroes_Vault eBay page for our newly listed comics!

Feel free to message the team about anything you see in our videos or online at