New Raws Added from our Spring Collection

Posted by Holly Clarkson

We have recently bought a new collection of comics which included a huge amount of graded and raws. After a gruelling couple of weeks uploading, taking photos, research etc. (which any comic seller will be able to relate to) we have finally uploaded all of our collection, with both raw and graded comics. 

Raws are a growing market at the minute with collectors wanting to get a full run but don't have the cash for graded. Raws are a great affordable investment with the option to get them graded at a later date if desired. 

Our new collection has a great selection of raws from the silver age, bronze age and some from the modern age. Predominantly Avengers comics although we have a great selection of issues from the Fantastic Four, Tales of Suspense, The Mighty Avengers, Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD, GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS and a handful of Dr. Strange issues. 

We conservatively grade our comics, however, we are not professional graders please bear this in mind.

Here's our top Raw Picks from the new collection but check out all of our raw issues in our store.

The Infinity Gauntlet #1 NM Raw Comic


Giant Size Avengers #2 VF+ Raw Comic

Doctor Strange #171 VF- Raw Comic

Avengers #21 Vol 1. FN+ Raw Comic
First Appearance of Eric Josten takes on the Mantel of Power Man

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD Vol 1. #2 VF Raw Comic