Original Comic Book Art

Original Comic Book Art

When you read your favourite comic books do you ever wonder what happens to the original artwork?

Each page has to be drawn, inked, coloured and lettered by talented artists in short periods of time, which is no mean feat, especially when some artists are working on multiple books at a time. The appreciation for original artwork has increased massively in recent years, given its uniqueness, the appreciation for the levels of talent that go into producing each page and the fact that it may become a thing of the past...

Original artwork from DCs "Steel", Marvels "Doctor Who" and Dark Horses "Hellboy".

As with all traditions, comic book artwork production is not immune to the rampant progression of technology and the benefits it affords modern artists. Much comic book art is now produced digitally, meaning the production artwork is no longer a physical thing. The age of the hand illustrated comic artwork, drawn 4 times larger than the comic book page it's destined for, with all its minor imperfections, visible brush strokes and handwritten letters is largely coming to an end.

At World of Superheroes, we're not just about selling the most amazing comics and superhero memorabilia, we're also about preserving the history of comics. Over the past several months, we've been acquiring as much original comic book artwork as possible. Through traditional sources as well as our contacts in the industry we have so far amassed around 1,000 pages of artwork by Artists such as Dave Gibbons, Lee Sullivan, John Ridgway, Ryan Stegman, and Dave Taylor to name but a few.

We have some examples for sale in our store from the plethora of titles they have worked on such as The Uncanny Avengers, Doctor Who, 2000AD/Judge Dredd, Hellboy and more but we have many other artists and titles in our archive. If you'd like a more comprehensive list, or if you have any you'd like to sell or trade, please get in touch at hero@worldofsuperheroes.com.