Our Best Captain America Memorabilia

Our Best Captain America Memorabilia

The final episode was released over the weekend for The Falcon and The Winter Solider, the series carries on the story about what happens to Captain America's shield, friends and legacy after Avengers: Endgame.

Bucky and Sam have both been up against enemies and friends during the series, bringing back characters from past films which have helped them through their journey. The series is said to set up the fourth Captain America movie and will be made by the shows runner Malcolm Spellman who will be developing the fourth movie. 

Will we see Sam Wilson become the new Captain America in his own movie?

We have some great memorabilia for any Cap fans, including a Marvel comic signed by Stan Lee which shows Sam Wilson aka Falcon with Cap's shield. 

We have a stunning oil painting by one of our favourite Sheffield artist MUTE available as well as canvas prints. 

Original Oil Painting - £1,500
Canvas Print - £60

Marvel Legends Vol 3 #7 Comic - Signed by Stan Lee - £200

Stan Lee Signed: Captain America #100 Big Premiere Issue! Box Canvas Framed - £2,500

Stan Lee Signed: Captain America #193 Madbomb Box Canvas Framed - 

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