Our Favourite Christmas Present Ideas This Year

Our Favourite Christmas Present Ideas This Year

Was anyone on the ball and used our Black Friday offer the other weekend? 

You might have spent up your Christmas comic stash you set aside but if not check out our First Appearance comics and raw comics to try and find a good deal for those last minute presents for any collector friends. 

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1. #14 CGC 8.5 Slabbed Comic, 1964 Cent Copy
1st appearance of Green Goblin

The Incredible Hulk Vol 1. #180 CGC 9.2 Slabbed Comic, 1974 Cent copy
First appearance of Wolverine in cameo.

Astonishing Tales #25 Vol 1. CGC 9.4 Comic. 1974 Cent copy
First appearance of Deathlok the Demolisher.


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For anyone who loves artwork we have some amazing signed artwork from local artists like Becky Knapp as well as signed artwork by Star Wars legend Robert Bailey. 

Spider-Man Original Artwork by Becky Knapp

The Hulk: Raw Strength by Robert Bailey (Signed by Lou Ferrigno)


Batman Profile Large Sketch Signed by Bob Kane


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Lastly we have some epic movie posters from all sci-fi movies past and present including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Justice League and posters from the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man threequel. 

Harry Potter And the Philosopher's Stone Movie Poster

Marvel's Spider-Man 3 Movie Poster


DC's The Dark Knight Movie Poster

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These are our top picks for this Christmas, check out all of our stock for great gift ideas for all things sci-fi!! Christmas is less than 3 weeks away so order early to make sure your orders arrive in time.

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