Pandora's New Star Wars Collection

Pandora's New Star Wars Collection

Pandora have just released their New 'Star Wars x Pandora' Collection with some stunning little characters and symbols from past and current films.

If, like me, you're starting to look for gift ideas for Christmas these are perfect. After having a look through I have chosen my Top 3 favourite charms.

3. Star Wars The Child Charm
Baby Yoda, it's going to be a favourite no doubt. Cuteness sells.

2. Star Wars Darth Vader Charm
James Earl Jones undoubtedly made Darth Vader the most well known character from the Star Wars. A must for any fan!

1. Star Wars C-3PO and R2-D2 Openwork Charm
My personal favourite as these two robots have brought love and laughter, which has helped make the franchise so memorable and continue to entertain in it's never ageing far far away universe. 

We may not sell jewellery but we have some unique and stunning Star Wars gems of our own in our store.

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