Our Five Unlimited Pokémon Boxes

Our Five Unlimited Pokémon Boxes

We have five original Unlimited Pokémon boxes in great condition all different sets with the possibility of having some very interesting and expensive cards inside. 

There are 36 packs in each of our boxes which include 11 cards each. You are guaranteed common Pokémon cards, uncommon cards, a holographic card, a trainer or a rare card. Some will be worth little money however they're is a possibility in finding a very rare and potentially expensive card. 

We have a Base Set which typically includes things like Charmanders, Ponyta's, Staryu's, trainer and energy cards, a holographic or an error card. A Charizard Holograhic from an Unlimited Base set pack was recently found and sold for $30,800.00.











We have the Base Set 2 which can include Pokemon such as Chansey, Charizard, Mewtwo and many other fan favourites. A Charizard Holographic from a Base set 2 was recently sold back in May 2020 for $9,200.00

We also have a Jungle Set which usually includes evolved and Jungle type Pokemon like Jolteon, Kangaskhan, Snorlax and Pinsir. A recent Vaporeon was sold for $2,025.00.

Now it's getting interesting, The Team Rocket Set which can include Dark versions from the other sets including Dark Blastoise, Dark Golbat and Dark Charizard. A recent Dark Charizard Holographic was sold for $4,650.00 in October.

Our final box is the Fossil Set which typically includes fossil Pokemon such as Aerodactyl as well as Rock and Ghost Pokemon such as Haunter and Geodude. A recent Gengar Holographic sold for $1,500.00.

We haven't heard of anyone else having all these five boxes at the same time. We have big plans for these, keep a look out on our posts and on social media to find out what we're going to do with these cards. 

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