Pokémon Sets: The Newest Craze on Youtube

Pokémon Sets: The Newest Craze on Youtube

The collectible card game was first released in Japan in 1996, creating a world full of animal like creatures called Pokémon with different abilities and strengths based around the elements. There are currently over 16,000 cards that have been created, half in Japanese and half in English, all from different sets. The cards success soon lead to video games, including the worldwide phenomenon Pokémon GO, animated TV shows, films and merchandise being released around the world and it's popularity has carried on for over 25 years.

With lockdown keeping people isolated and often looking for ways to feel connected with the world, YouTube has been a life saver for many but a money making tool for others. You can make a small fortune from amassing millions of views on your YouTube channel and 'Pokémon Unboxing' is the new funny cat montage.

There's a real Russian Roulette feeling, with a box could possibly including a pack containing a rare and stupidly expensive card or cards of little value, meaning that a buyer could have lost thousands.

Unboxing is a great way for 90's Pokémon fans to relive the thrill of opening a new pack or box of cards to see which ones are hidden inside. One of the most viewed videos is of a guy who found a 1st Edition Charizard card worth $55,000!

Obviously the more boxes get opened the less there are, making the boxes and cards even rarer but we have managed to get our hands on some sealed boxes!

We have five of the Original Unlimited Pokémon boxes in English and in great condition with the possibility of having some hidden gems inside. Look out for the next post about our lovely Boxes.


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