Raw Comics Now Available in Store

Raw Comics Now Available in Store

It was always our intention to sell slabbed comics but we changed our minds for two reasons:

  1. The turnaround time on getting CGC to slab comics has moved from weeks to months and this is not going to improve any time soon.
  2. We have realised that the market for raw comics is larger than the slabbed market. The majority of collectors do not have any slabbed books at all.

Because of this we have decided to release some of the high-grade silver age comics, previously scheduled for slabbing, for sale. Fortunately, in our President Steve Eyre, we have an industry recognised expert in the grading and valuation of comic books, in-house.  His 40 years of experience means that the grades of the comics we sell will be an accurate reflection of the condition.

Check out all the available raw comics in our store.

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