Reasonable Raws

Reasonable Raws

Everyone at the minute seems to be feeling the squeeze at the minute with the cost of living rising each month. 

We hope our customers and followers know that we are collectors and traders at heart and sell comics priced from raws like Spawn #62 at £6.00 to graded comics like our recently Sold Fantastic Four #1 CGC 1.5 signed by Stan Lee for £12,500.00.

We have some new raws in recently from DC and Marvel, we estimate all our grades fairly, we value our customers and want to give them the best deal so are happy to negotiate all sales. 

Here's some of our recently added raws including a She-HULK #1 and signed Earth's Mightiest Heroes The Avengers #38.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes The Avengers #38
Includes Certificate of Authenticity, Signed by Kurt Busiek, Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.


She-Hulk #1 VF/NM Raw Comic

X-Men #222 NM Raw Comic

Tales of Suspense #51 VG Raw Comic

Hawkman #2 NM- Raw Comic

Green Lantern #40 VG Raw Comic