DC Comics 'Robin and Batman' and 'Robins' Miniseries Due November

DC Comics 'Robin and Batman' and 'Robins' Miniseries Due November

DC have announced they are releasing two Robin miniseries which will follow events around Dick Grayson growing as Batman's side kick and the current and previous Robins come together to face a new enemy.

The original sidekick Robin has been a fan favourite in comics and on screen for over 80 years. The two up-coming comic miniseries due to be released in November a week after each other will give the Boy Wonder the spotlight. 

The three issue 'Robin and Batman' will follow Robin back when he first became Batman's sidekick and had to deal with difficulties of facing thugs and accepting guidance from Bruce Wayne. Written by Jeff Lemire and artwork Dustin Nguyen, due to be released November 9th 2021.

'Robins' is a six issue series which follows all of the previous Robins; Dick, Tim, Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne as they compare their sidekick experiences and have to face a new enemy together who claims to be the original Robin. Written Tim Seeley and artwork Baldemar Rivas due out November 16th 2021. 

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