Robots Every Tech Geek Wants This Christmas

Robots Every Tech Geek Wants This Christmas

I have found three robots that bring movie characters to life with augmented reality using fun apps that I thought would be great presents this year for Christmas.

UBTECH Iron Man MK50 Robot

Create, control, code, and battle against enemies inspired by iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe battles. You can control the robot's motors, lights and sounds using an app on a mobile device, complete augmented reality missions and customise by uploading your face and record audio phrases. Become immersed in Iron Man's reality and complete missions to build up your Iron Man Mk50 robot's arsenal of Nanotech weaponry.

Customise the Iron Man Mk50 robot by building unique sequences using Block-Based programming for one of a kind hero moves. This highly intelligent robot is a fantastic toy for an tech geek this Christmas. With it more likely we will have to stay in our homes over the holidays, its a great way to have some escapism if you have some cash spare.

- Currently £255.90 on 

Ubtech First Order Stormtrooper Robot

Protect from the First Order against the Resistance in your own room using direct verbal orders and launch attacks via the app. Speak Directly to your Storm trooper, Create a database of up to three faces using the facial biometrics feature for customised interactions. Order your Storm trooper to patrol the designated area to detect and respond to intruders. The Stormtrooper is cheaper than his Iron Man robot brother above also by UBTECH with similar commands and technology so depends on which character you'd rather have. 

- Currently £93.20 on

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Droid Trainer by Sphero

There are a lot of BB-8 toys out there but this little one comes with it's own charging dock rather than needing to replace any batteries. The little robot can be controlled via an app or will roll off on it's own and even has a funky boost button. If you have any of the other Sphero Star Wars App-enabled Droids you can watch them interact with each other and BB-8 will even react when it here's film's from the Star Wars Saga. A black or white R2-D2, a BB-9E and a Star Wars Force Band which can control all the droids.

- Currently £159.99 from

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