Star Wars: Compulsion Studios Limited Edition Pewter Set

Posted by Holly Clarkson

Brian May is not the only one who has got a full set. 

After months of searching, seeking, bargaining and bartering, we are excited to announce that we eventually have all four of the certified figures from this rare edition.

The Stunning Star Wars figures are made from Pewter metal which resemble four of the most iconic Star Wars characters; Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3P0 and Boba Fett. This stunning metal shines beautifully in different lights so you can display them no matter what mood you're in!

We are selling these as a set ONLY not individually at £10,000. Good luck finding this full set anywhere else! Full info:

Darth Vader in Red Lighting:

C-3PO in Yellow Lighting:

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