Superhero Cookbooks

Superhero Cookbooks

I personally love to flick through a cookbook rather than scroll through websites full of pop up adverts. Whilst trying to look for more healthier recipes after putting on a few pounds during lockdown I came across these perfect cookbooks for any Superhero fans with little and big mouths to feed.

Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook
Over Fifty Recipes Inspired by DC's Iconic Super Hero Wonder Woman including Greek Goddess Salad, Themysciran Flatbread Pizzas, and Lasso of Truth Cupcakes for cooks of all skill levels and can guess they taste as good as they look.

The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook
There are over 60 Simple, Tasty Recipes for Growing Super Heroes as well as adults. From the Up, Up and Away Parfait to Green Arrow Fruit Kebobs to Holy Guacamole and the Martian Manhunter Malted, the colourfully presented recipes are fun to prepare and to eat. With fun little heroes on the pages to fun ideas to encourage a diversity of foods and flavours this is definitely going on my Christmas list, especially with the cutters.

Marvel Eat the Universe: The Official Cookbook

Marvel have took the cookbook a step further with their creativeness making some amazing hero and villain inspired recipes. Hulk Smashed Potatoes, Green Goblin Pumpkin Bombs, Venom Pads See "Us" and my personal favourite Deadpool's Chimichangas. These recipes don't look particularly easy, possibly messy (Especially the Venom Pasta) and could be time consuming but a lot of fun for the Marvel fans with a free afternoon.


I honestly want all of these, definitely on my list to Father Christmas this year.

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