Superhero 'Stay in' Ideas: Kids Crafts

Superhero 'Stay in' Ideas: Kids Crafts

Anything crafty, messy, painty or fun to make at home is a great way to keep little hands busy on cold Winter days.

Most kids want to dress up as superheroes at some point during their childhood so I have scoured the web and chosen my top 5 Superhero Craft ideas to do during the cold months for any little or big crafty heroes.

5. Painting Plant Pots
A lot of people have took to growing their own fruit and vegetables at home during lockdown, now the weather is colder my idea is to have fun painting some plant pots, plant some seeds and they can watch them grow on their window sills.

4. Superhero Toilet Roll Cuffs
Parents can spend fortunes on buying outfits, trying to be more eco friendly my next craft idea is to make your own superhero cuffs out of finished toilet roll tubes, easy peasy but kids will love designing their own logos and can transform into their favorite heroes.

3. Lollipop Stick Superhero Puppets
These kind of puppets are great for story telling and helping with children's imaginations you just need some lollipop sticks or even sticks from outside, glue, coloured paper, choose your colours and templates. You can get some big pieces of paper and make different backgrounds and scenes if you want. You could draw the Batcave, Avengers Tower or town where your puppet heroes and villains can battle.

2. Superhero Paper Masks and Props
Making masks is a classic kids craft but if you're having a go making DIY costumes then you need some masks, shields, etc., to go with your cuffs. Get some cheap paper plates, string, paint and some imagination. All superheroes have distinctive logos and colours to play around with.

1. Superhero Photo Booth Scene
My favourite idea to do inside is to get all your outfits on and have a go making a scenes from sheets, the best scene is flying over a city but you make an under water scene for Aquaman, Space scene for Guardians of the Galaxy or even a battle scene from Avengers. You can even mess about with Photoshop, if you have the time or skill.

If any of our 'Superhero 'Stay in' Ideas' have inspired you please do share via our social media, we'd love to see them.

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