Superhero 'Stay In' Ideas: Sweet Treats

Superhero 'Stay In' Ideas: Sweet Treats

I've had a look at Superhero treats on Pinterest and I've had to narrow it down because there are so many good ideas and talented bakers and makers.

Check out my favourite 5 treat ideas to have a go at during this difficult time while we're all at home more.

5. Batman Cheese and Crackers
Just need a Batman cutter or any cutter you want with slices of cheese to go with your crackers and it is the quickest and easiest to make of our treat ideas.

4. Thor's Marshmallow Hammers
Pretty cool and simple idea but very effective and you can have some fun with these. Food colouring, marshmallows and pretzel sticks! 'For Asgard!'

3. The Joker and Batman Biscuits
You can buy cookie cutters online or have a go cutting them out yourself. Decorate you biscuit with icing to finish off. A superhero Batman biscuit wouldn't be complete without The Joker.

2. Deadpool Cake Pops
Cake pops are easy and a great treat to make. You simply add the coloured icing you want to create your heroes or villains. Being a big Deadpool fan, I had to choose these!

1. Spider-Man Toffee Apples
Toffee Apples are the classic halloween treat but you can make them anytime of the year. You can use caramel, toffee or chocolate and use any character logo or face you like! 

If any of our Superhero 'Stay in' Ideas have inspired you please share your creations with the hashtag #WorldofSuperheroes; we'd love to see them.

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