Superman & Lois Series Is Due to Return

Posted by Holly Clarkson

The Superman & Lois series had been postponed after only 5 episodes due to covid-19 complications but it's due to return May 18th on The CW.

The show has been a success with fans so far with Tyler Hoechlin returning as Clark Kent aka Superman after his popularity in the Supergirl series. It is set in the timeline of Clark and Lois married with two teenage sons, a storyline that had been unseen before in TV or films. The relationship between the two characters has been a true love story for decades in DC comics but first seen on the big screen with Christopher Reeves and Margot Kidder way back in Superman from 1978. 

We are lucky enough to have some stunning artwork by Robert Bailey of three of the iconic scenes between the two lovers. 

Superman: Clark Kent and Lois Lane by Robert Bailey

Superman: Superman and Lois in NY by Robert Bailey

Superman: Lois and Superman Confide by Robert Bailey

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