Superman The Movie Robert Bailey Signed Pencil Sketches

Posted by Steve Eyre

As we were hanging MUTE's original pop art canvas of Superman/Clark Kent in our new World of Superheroes HQ, it dawned on us that even though Superman The Movie was such a seminal event, we had a dearth of memorabilia relating to the film. It was after all the film that made us “believe a man could fly”.

Although Tim Burtons 1989 Batman film broke box office records, it was surely the 1978 Superman film starring Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder that paved the way for the superhero domination of the media that we see today. So we went in search of Super stuff and our old friend Robert Bailey came up trumps again, creating 8 wonderful pencil sketches of classic scenes from the movie. These signed framed pieces now sit proudly in our archive and our feelings of deprivation have been assuaged.

Everyone in the office has their favourite. Mine: 'Superman and Lois in New York' (Although I think Robert should have called the city Metropolis). It shows Superman stood behind Lois on the balcony of her apartment,  about to lift her into their maiden flight together. Classic, powerful and romantic.

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