The Comic that Gave Birth to The X-Men.

The Comic that Gave Birth to The X-Men.

It's rare that I write a post for just one comic but this has just returned freshly back from CGC gorgeously slabbed with a 5.5 grade.

Despite it having a Fine- graded this issue is anything but mediocre. Originally published in 1963 this special copy of X-Men Vol 1. #1 includes the Origin & 1st Appearance of X-Men. With the recently revealed news that the X-Men will be joining the other Marvel characters in the MCU this comic looks to be pretty hot in the next few years!

It's impressive list of first appearances include: 

First Appearance of Professor Xavier
First Appearance of Cyclops
First appearance Jean Grey
First Appearance of Angel
First Appearance of Beast
First Appearance of Iceman
First Appearance of Magneto
First Appearance of X-Uniforms
First appearance Cyclops' Visor 1.0
First appearance Magneto's Helmet
First appearance of Professor X's Remote-Controlled Jet
First appearance Professor Xavier's Rolls Royce

Anyone who knows this comic will know how much it is worth so we will be holding on to it dearly until someone dares to buy it for themselves. 

For any more information or to buy this amazing comic email our team at or visit the store.