The Greatest Superhero Movie Scene

The Greatest Superhero Movie Scene

We asked our intrepid staff to choose their all time favourite scene from a superhero film.

First, as he insisted on being first, our esteemed President, Steve Eyre.

As a superhero fan for over half a century and owner of the largest collection of superhero memorabilia in Europe, Steve knows a bit about superheroes but which scene rocked his world the most:

“It’s a tough one. The helicopter scene in Superman has to be up there for sure and the beginning of Batman where Micheal Keaton dangles Moxy from Auf Weidersehen Pet off a building and growls, “I’m Batman” is in the frame. Two Avengers scenes always give me goosebumps. The first in Avengers Assemble when the team form a back to back circle in the rubble of New York  to battle the marauding alien horde. The second in Endgame where all the Avengers and their allies assemble for the final slap down with Thanos. I also love the dawn “On your left.” running scene at the beginning of Captain America: Winter Soldier. But if you’re forcing me to pick one, which I know you are, I’m going to have to choose controversially and unapologetically a scene from the much maligned Justice League movie. It’s when Superman returns from the dead, still not “compus mentis” being confronted by the rest of the Justice League. The bit where Superman tracks Flash as he tries to flank him at super speed, is for a superhero fan, pure movie gold.”

So that’s Steve’s choice. Keep a look out for what the rest of our team choose and don’t be shy in letting us know yours.