The Iron Man Initiative: Superhero Statue Rentals

The Iron Man Initiative: Superhero Statue Rentals

If they are not out saving the world, we often lend our lifesize superhero figures to charitable events, free of charge of course, to generate interest and footfall.

People love superheroes.

Understanding this, when a local retailer who owned a framing and picture gallery business, told us that although he had great product and sales staff, he just couldn’t get people into his store. One of our marketing guys suggested he put a small superhero display in his shop window. We loaned him an Iron Man Statue, an Iron Man canvas and a vintage Iron Man comic in a perspex display case. In the first month, customers entering the store increased by 300%.

The moral to this tale is; SUPERHEROES = FOOTFALL. Superheroes will get people in your store, what you do once they’re in there is up to you.

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