The Original HULK Lou Ferrigno Signed Artwork Now in Store

Posted by Holly Clarkson

We have some epic HULK artwork in our store, from his original appearance in Marvels comics, to the 1970's Lou Ferrigno television shows and the present day HULK played by Mark Ruffalo. 

The strongest Avenger is one of Marvels most successful characters who is a highly respected scientist in biochemistry named Bruce Banner. After a gamma radiation accident he uncontrollably turns in to an unbelievably strong being aka the HULK if he becomes too angry. 

HULK has been portrayed by different actors over the years but Body Builder turned actor Lou Ferrigno took to playing the green goliath in the 1970's CBS television series. Despite the show seeming quite cheesy compared to the insane CGI animation in the 21st century we're all about nostalgia here at World of Superheroes and couldn't help but buy some very special artwork of the first HULK on screen. We have acquired two canvases from our good friends at Castle galleries signed by the late Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno.

Stan Lee & Lou Ferrigno Signed: The Incredible Hulk #307 Box Canvas Framed

Stan Lee & Lou Ferrigno Signed: Hulk 152 Box Canvas Framed

We have an impressive collection of Robert Bailey artwork ranging from Star Wars to DC to Marvel and we have three of Bailey's sketches of and signed by Lou Ferrigno as well.

The Hulk: Raw Strength by Robert Bailey (Signed by Lou Ferrigno)

The Hulk: Avenging An Injustice by Robert Bailey (Signed by Lou Ferrigno)

The Hulk: Outside and Outraged by Robert Bailey (Signed by Lou Ferrigno)

Check out all our HULK artwork and comics in store. 

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