Enter Lady Thor

Enter Lady Thor

The Thor: Love and Thunder trailer was finally released yesterday and we got our first glimpse of Lady Thor. 

Chris Hemsworth is going to yield his hammer to Natalie Portman in the fourth Thor film to date due out in cinemas July 8th. The movie is going to return Director Taika Waititi who will reprise his role a Korg as well as Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and the Guardians of the Galaxy helping Thor find his destiny after the events of the Infinity Wars.

Riffling through our Thor comics after the trailer hit yesterday I have found a Thor #1 2014 Blank Variant cover which includes the First Jane Foster Thor! We love seeing how artists put their own spin on variants, we'd love to see someone take on this variant only £25.00.

We also have a 3.5 graded Journey Into Mystery #84 Vol.1 which includes the First Appearance of Jane Foster at £1,420.00.

Our great selection of Thor comics Raw and graded (Like this sexy Black and white sketch variant cover already done below) as well as signed memorabilia, official posters, artwork and prints can be found in our THOR collection in store.

Thor #1 2014 First Jane Foster Thor Blank Variant

Thor #1 Vol.2 Black and White Sketch Variant Cover 1998


Thor #130 VF Raw Comic

Marvel's Thor: The Dark World Movie Poster

Thor Photograph Signed By Chris Hemsworth Framed


Journey Into Mystery #84 Vol 1. CGC 3.5 Slabbed Comic. 1962 Cent copy
2nd Appearance of Thor & First Appearance of Jane Foster