Top 3 Festive Gifts for Batman fans

Top 3 Festive Gifts for Batman fans

For anyone still looking for that special gift for a loved one or themselves, we've got you covered. We did a Top 3 for Superman and Wonder Woman so of course we couldn't leave Batman out and funny enough there is in fact a very rare Christmas gift in this Top 3. 

1. Batman #27 1945 slabbed CGC 8.5.
What could be a better Christmas gift than a rare and unique Seasons Greetings from Batman and Robin!

2. Batman Gold Foil Sticker Signed by Bob Kane framed in an iconic bat-shaped frame.
Perfect to hang in any Batcave.

3. Bruce Wayne is Batman Original Oil Painting By MUTE
For anyone who loved Michael Keaton's Batman from the 80's.

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